AdWords, Google’s online advertising service, has recently announced a big change in its search engine advertising placements. The announcement earlier this week stated a new placement offering of expanded text ads. Prior to the announcement, the maximum length for text ads was a 25-character headline and two 35-character description lines. Instead of the 25/35/35, the new expanded text ads allow two 30-character headlines and a description line of up to 80 characters. That’s nearly twice as many characters!

When creating a standard text ad, if you ended the first description line with a punctuation mark, it would move up a line and act like an extension of the headline, making it stand out over other ads on the page. The expanded text ads are designed to maximize your presence on search results, similar to how the punctuation trick did, which is important in this increasingly mobile-first world. The new update allows advertisers to create longer, more creative messaging. In addition, according to Google, advertisers may see an up to 20% uplift in CTR over existing text ads.
In order to upgrade your current ads to the new expanded format, it will take a little intervention on your part. It is suggested to create all of your new expanded ads and wait until they are approved before pausing your current ads. The AdWords Editor platform has also released an update that enables support for the expanded text ads, allowing your bulk changes to the new format to be made more easily and quickly.
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