We love when brands come up with really unique ways to engage their audience through social media- especially when that brand isn’t one you would normally think of being “cool” or “modern”. We’re talking about Wheat Thins, whose newest Twitter campaign called “The Crunch is Calling” has really taken the Twitterverse by storm. You wouldn’t think that a company that sells healthy wheat crackers would have strong brand loyalty, but this is exactly what they are conveying in the fun viral videos that are running nationally. Basically, Wheat Thins has searched Twitter for people who are tweeting about their product and rewarding them with a surprise visit wherever they are at the moment along with giving them a ton of free Wheat Thins. The kicker is getting to watch the unsuspecting victims’ shocked reactions. You can bet that there will be a lot more tweets about Wheat Thins going forward, which is exactly the goal of this campaign: to get people talking. Check out one of the awesome commercials below and see them all on Wheat Thins’ YouTube channel.