The R&M team traveled to Jacksonville yesterday for Roux’s Color Refresh Mask photo shoot. During the shoot, we capture “Before” pictures of the two models showcasing their hair before applying Roux’s color enhancer and “After” photos to show how fabulous the hair looks after the Color Refresh Mask is applied. There was a Behind the Scenes videographer on set and we also filmed a “how to” video featuring the two models, Shea Pegues and Klara Miller with instructions on applying the color refresh mask. We had a great team consisting of hair stylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, models, photographer and videographer (and of course R&M and Colomer Reps). The models brought great energy to the set and the stylists worked really well together to make it an amazing shoot! A big thank you goes out to the entire Color Refresh Mask photo shoot team for an awesome day! Stay tuned for the finished product! Check out a photo from the shoot and visit our Facebook page to view more!