Are you looking for a new way to reach and engage your customers? Social media platforms offer a variety of opportunities to connect and engage with current and prospective customers. The social media landscape is always evolving, and there is no right answer as to which social media platforms your company should be using.  But when doing your research, we suggest taking a look at using Periscope to connect with your audience.

Periscope is a live-streaming app developed by the creators of the popular micro-blogging site Twitter. Periscope is like a mix of Snapchat and Google Hangouts, and has some cool social streaming features, including real-time comments, the ability to re-stream¬—which gives every stream viral potential—and a massive reach. Anyone in the world who has the app can see your live streams! There is no limit to the type of content you can stream, which makes Periscope a great option for almost any business. 
Here are nine ways businesses can use Periscope to gain followers and customers.
  1. Live Tutorials – From training materials for your staff to a how-to video for customers, Periscope gives you the ability to walk your viewers through a process.
  2. Live Product Demonstrations – Have a new product on the market? Streaming product demonstrations would be a great way to inform people about the product, and, in turn, can increase the consumer’s trust in the product since they are seeing it work in real-time. 
  3. Q&A Sessions – The more consumers know about a company, the more they tend to trust it. Hosting Q&A sessions with employees, CEOs, partner businesses, etc. will intrigue and inform your customers.
  4. Live Support – Tired of explaining the same thing over-and-over again? Live stream your support to existing customers and answer multiple questions in one swoop. 
  5. Announce Flash Sales – A perk for customers to follow businesses on social media is getting the inside scoop. Announcing flash sales with viewer-only voucher codes will encourage customers to follow your business.
  6. Follow your clients – Social media is a two-way medium, so remember to interact with your customers the way they are interacting with you. 
  7. Live Tours – If a picture says 1,000 words, how many words would a video say? Take customers through an experience, like walking them through your hotel or taking them behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle.
  8. Live Focus Groups – Your customers’ opinions matter and using social media to crowdsource is a great way to hear them. Hosting a live focus group not only provides you with valuable feedback, but also makes the customer feel like part of the company.
  9. Take the audience behind the scenes – You may be surprised by how interested people are to see what happens behind the scenes of a business. Showing them how a product is made or the chaos during crunch time gives an opportunity to get people engaged with the story of your business. 
Digital marketing is about engagement. It’s about reaching out to your audience and encouraging a two-way conversation. Periscope’s tagline is “see the world through someone else’s eyes;” let customers see your business through your eyes with Periscope.