Facebook made an official announcement today that it has radically changed the look of its news feed. This change represents the biggest overhaul since the introduction of the Timeline in 2011. The revamped news feed features three components, as reported by Mashable:
    •    Bigger Images
    •    Multiple Feeds
    •    Mobile Consistency

Similar to current web design trends that focus on big photos and a clean, navigable design (think Pinterest), photos will now make up nearly 50% of the stories. In addition, users will be able to control which feeds they want to view, as they will have multiple options including which friends they receive updates from and the option to receive updates chronologically. Finally, the new news feed aims to make Facebook consistent to all users no matter what device they’re using. Facebook developers took inspiration from mobile and added a new side navigation bar and more white space. Be on the lookout for the new news feed, as it begins rolling out for web today.