We love the Old Spice "Smell Like a Man" viral campaign right now for many reasons. These videos have really taken on a life of their own thanks to an innovative use of social media and lovable signature character played by actor Isaiah Mustafa.  What we find especially interesting about the campaign, besides the obvious humor, is how the technologically advanced use of real-time Twitter responses on YouTube completely contrasts with the “your grandfather’s product” feel of the Old Spice brand. Oldsmobile tried a similar approach with their “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile” campaign in the 1980s, which aimed to revive the brand. It was not successful. In this case, the "Smell Like a Man" campaign does a fantastic job of breathing new life into the Old Spice brand, which in many ways is a victim of its own success. Can you whistle the tune from the Old Spice commercials? Of course you can. The brand is a part of history, and it’s really hard to change history. What this campaign has done, however, is given Old Spice a much needed facelift. Whether or not it leads to an increase in sales remains to be seen, but in the meantime, the videos sure are fun. Check out this interesting interview with the team that came up with the campaign’s concept.