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Savannah Toyota

Where the Truman Ends and Service Begins


The completion of the long-awaited Truman Parkway put Savannah Toyota in a prime spot for growth, thanks to its convenient location directly off the new parkway. Savannah Toyota also had a bevvy of enhanced services and unique offerings that they wanted to market, including an independent Express oil/lube service, movie theater with luxury seating, café, and nail service.


First, our team developed a new tagline for the dealership. The new tagline, “Where the Truman Ends and Service Begins!” combined messaging about the convenience of the Truman Parkway and the amazing services offered at the dealership.
Next, we came up with a series of unique TV spots that mimicked live newscasts. Production included a reporter in a helicopter ride and on-site at the dealership for “traffic segments” that highlighted Savannah Toyota’s prime location at the end of the Truman Parkway.


The TV campaign successfully raised awareness of the dealership’s convenient location at the end of the newly-completed Truman Parkway. In addition, the new tagline became synonymous with the brand, and, years later, is still used in Savannah Toyota’s advertising efforts.

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