About RobMark

Let's start our story by putting things in perspective: when RobMark first opened its doors in 1990 as Robertson & Markowitz Advertising & Public Relations, Inc., there was no such thing as email, Internet or websites. Cell phones weren't smart or small. And social networking is what you did with colleagues after hours. True story.

Just think: if we could hit it out of the park for our clients then, imagine what we can do for you today.

Outside of RobMark Office

Full-Service Advertising Agency

RobMark was established in 1990 as Robertson & Markowitz Advertising & Public Relations, Inc. In 2017, Robertson & Markowitz merged with sister brand Robmark Web to become RobMark, combining all of the agency's cutting-edge marketing services into one cohesive brand. For over 25 years, RobMark has continued to grow, evolve and master the very latest technologies for the ultimate benefit of our clients. SEO to social media campaigns, web design trends to mobile applications, our team does more than "keep up" with the latest advances; we stay ahead of them and so do our clients.

From the beginning, RobMark has known that lasting success can only come when you look at the big picture. That requires creativity, a business mindset and mastery of the latest trends all working together to captivate your audience. From SEO to website design, public relations to social media campaigns, graphic design to so much more, we customize our services to your needs and budget. Whether you use them all or go a la carte. At the end of the day, you'll be confident just knowing they’re there when you need them. And so are we.

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