We’re a collective team of talented designers, forward-thinking marketers, social media gurus, creative writers, technical programmers, plate-juggling project managers, and digital experts. But we’re not just that. We’re also dog lovers and travel junkies, coffee aficionados and local foodies, outdoor enthusiasts and yogis. We love what we do, both inside and outside of the office, and we can’t wait to meet you and share our passions.
Ted Robertson
Lisa Markowitz Henderson
Katey LeZotte
Vice President
Diane Butler
Media Buyer/Manager
Kelsey Smith
Website Project Manager
Mary Henderson
Social Media Specialist
Dusty del Rosario
Sr. Web Developer
Peter Grant
Graphic Designer
Karen Geriner Robertson
Director of Public Relations & Client Development
Megan Alexa
SEO Specialist
Jenna Thornton
Account Assistant
Chris Kreider
Web Security Administrator