Everyone knows that taking advantage of every resource available to you is the smartest way to conduct business and become more successful. PR practitioners are no exception to this. There are tons of great, helpful tools out there that can be used to make the lives of public relations specialists easier. These tools help you stay relevant, conduct more thorough research, elevate your social media presence, and much more.


Influencers are becoming more and more prominent in marketing and are an extremely helpful way to create buzz around your product. The biggest setback in influencer marketing, though, is finding the right influencers. Traackr is the perfect tool to help you with this.

Helping you to find the perfect influencer to take your business to the next level, Traackr uses keywords you input to their system and compiles a list of influencers that fit in your industry. The influencer profiles they pick for you are based on who is blogging about those keywords and are complete with each persons’ reach, relevance, and ability to resonate with their audience.


For all areas of industry nowadays, monitoring your online presence and audience reaction is more important than ever. We need the ability to monitor the popularity of content and keywords, while checking in on what our competitors are up to. For all this and more, BuzzSumo is your go-to.

Keeping detailed records of shares, views, and reach on all of your content, BuzzSumo helps you to maximize your engagement and create consistently high-performing content. In addition to analyzing the response to your performance, this tool monitors that of various influencers, so you can easily see their following and engagement rates.


All of those working in the field of communication and pr know the importance of having good media contacts to send press releases and more. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right contact to send your latest announcement to and, if you do send it to the right people, you never know when or if it will be published. HARO helps to eliminate this uncertainty by connecting pr specialists directly to journalists that are looking for sources.

Help A Reporter Out takes your expertise and connects you with journalists and bloggers that are writing a story close to your specific field. They boast some pretty impressive publications that are highly regarded nationwide, as well as smaller, local bloggers and outlets. This proves to be an easy way to secure a media spot for your company or a client.

PR Web

While it is great to have tools that target specific areas of public relations, sometimes it is better to have more of a catchall that serves to provide correct, helpful information in all areas of your field. There are many tasks that fall to the pr practitioner, from writing to send out to press to measuring its reach, so it is important to have a tool like PR Web that will provide information relating to all of this in one place.

This site has templates for the perfect press release, as well as a resource center that boasts how-to articles, videos, and webinars to make your writing even more impactful. Pr Web will also help to increase digital word of mouth by featuring your completed press releases on its site, organized by industry, while their staff helps to ensure it is distributed to the best people. If that wasn’t enough, they will even help with social media exposure and search engine optimization.

These are only a few of the numerous tools that are available to pr practitioners and industry professionals that are looking to up their game. Keep an eye out for any other helpful sites that might help you or your client take their online presence and audience reach to the next level.