Hurricane reporting is interesting. While local civil defense officials ask residents to evacuate to a safe area, Jim Cantore and his ilk rush to the targeted beachfront to stand in hurricane-strength winds and tell us NOT to go out in the hurricane. Really? It reminds us of when our parents would preach to us about the dangers of smoking cigarettes while a Marlboro was dangling from the sides of their mouths. Now don’t get us wrong – everybody likes Jim Cantore. He can handle himself. But last season we saw Al Roker sliding around and his film crew had to save him. Not to mention one young female reporter who looked like she might weigh 80 pounds – soaking wet – being blown away by a mere 30 mph wind gust. What were they thinking?

Below is a link to a couple of fun video hurricane reports from the past.

On a serious note, for everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene, stay safe!