Coastal Harbor Health System has two state-of-the-art facilities located in Savannah, both of which provide affordable mental health services. Coastal Behavioral Health serves men and women, 18 or older, who need assistance in addressing substance abuse, emotional, or psychiatric problems. Coastal Harbor Treatment Center provides care to children ages 4 to 17 with inpatient care to cope with ongoing mental, behavioral or emotional difficulties. 

With such an incredible service, it is important that their website specifically lists and properly represents all of the services each treatment center provides in an organized manner. That was one of our main goals in redesigning Coastal Harbor’s new website. The main navigation organizes the treatment center’s information, services and resources in a user-friendly manner that allows current and potential patients to find the exact information they are looking for. Each service has a designated page with detailed information about said service, including the ability to schedule a free, confidential assessment.  The website also includes a detailed list of resources, including 12-step programs and various support groups, as well as downloadable brochures regarding specific Coastal Harbor services. 
In addition to the informative pages, Coastal Harbor’s new website boasts ease of use. The new website offers a pay online function for existing patients. This portal allows patients to conveniently pay their bill in the comfort of their home without any hassle. You can even access it via mobile device. Since the new design is responsive, is seamlessly accessible on any platform, from desktop computer to mobile phone.