Before Donald Trump’s face was on campaign posters, he was the face of several advertising campaigns for popular brands, including McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Pizza Hut, among others. First known as a real estate investor, Trump managed to wiggle his way into the limelight and stay there.  

His pitchman debut was for Diet Pepsi in 1988 for the soda company’s Fight Before The Fight campaign. 


A year later, Trump appeared in a commercial for his own board game, Trump: The Game. 

In 1995, Donald and his wife, Ivana, were featured in a Pizza Hut ad for the pizza company’s popular stuffed crust pizza. 

He later co-starred in a commercial for McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty with the illustrious Grimace in 2002.  

In 2004, Donald and the famous Trump Tower were the faces of a Visa Check Card commercial. 

And most recently in 2010, Trump teamed up with Darrell Hammond and the Manning brothers for an Oreo commercial during the cookie company’s Double Stuffed Race Licking promotion. 

These are just a few of Donald Trump’s more notable appearances, and even more can be found on the YouTube channel Every Donald Trump Video.  Do you think any of these brands anticipated Trump’s run for presidency