Recently, dark mode features have become increasingly popular among apps developers and technology users. This feature has numerous benefits and is now a staple along with any new update or rollout. The Facebook Company has released this option in a number of its apps, including Messenger, Facebook Lite, Instagram, WhatsApp, and now Facebook.

Facebook has been working on releasing a new design for their desktop website for months now. This design makes their platform appear much sleeker and modern and comes with an optional dark mode. Dark mode replaces the standard bright white colors of the Facebook website with black and shades of grey. They keep their signature bright blue with their look, but this new, darker look is enough to please many of the dedicated fans of dark mode.

Beyond a sleek new view, there are plenty of other benefits that draw users to employ this feature. For some, it’s simply easier to read white text on a dark background. For others, it provides less of a contrast, allowing them to strain their eyes less while scrolling through the app at night. Another benefit is that this can extend your battery life – black pixels use less energy than white ones, so dark mode might allow you to go longer between charges.

For now, Facebook is slowly rolling out the update, seemingly choosing users at random to test it out. To see if you have this update, simply refresh your web page or update your application. If you don’t see the option in your settings to activate dark mode, then you’ll have  to wait until the company makes it more widely available. As they have had their new website design in the works for much longer than any app updates, it seems that this feature is becoming available on desktop for users more quickly than on the app.