As website developers, one of the most important aspects we keep in mind when creating a website is designing to our audience. We believe in putting ourselves in the place of a person using our clients’ sites and considering what they would want to see on the site as a potential customer. This is especially important for those who have e-commerce on their websites as your website is a source of revenue, and sometimes, it’s the only source of revenue. Which is why the e-commerce experience should be the best it can be for your customers so that they’ll be repeat customers, and why this article on increasing e-commerce conversions with easy enhancements is a must-read. The article breaks down aesthetic elements, such as adding a “Check Out Now” button or removing any distracting buttons and links that aren’t relevant to the buying process, as well as the usability aspects, such as not requiring your customers to create an account and pre-populating fields with user information you already know. The bottom line is creating a system that is simple, engaging, user-friendly and doesn’t feel like a complete invasion of your customers’ privacy. You’ll be surprised at the return you see just by making a few tweaks.