Every day Google logs approximately 2 billion searches. It’s pretty safe to say that people are familiar with search engine results, but are you familiar with some of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features?

Google Rich Snippets is one of those features that gives users an inside look into a website’s content, without having to click-through and wait on a page load. Rich Snippets can provide extra information to users about recipes, product ratings and reviews, businesses, organizations, events and music. The Google Rich Snippet results help users find what they’re looking for more effectively and give web developers the advantage of showcasing their most important content.

In addition to helping users find the most relevant content, Google Rich Snippets may also improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website has Rich Snippets built in, those results will be shown higher on the results page than websites that do not.

Here at Robmark Interactive, we have website development specialists that know how to provide this information to Google and ultimately our clients’ customers. We are Savannah SEO experts, and we can give your website that extra optimization that today’s demands require.

In addition to including extra features like Rich Snippets, our Savannah SEO developers can also utilize many other SEO tools to optimize your website to its fullest potential.