96% of Americans own a phone of some kind, and 257 million people are forecasted to have social media in 2023. What better way to advertise your business than through the platforms that your customers are using most?

Marketing through social media has helped many businesses reach different customers, and it gives each company a chance to portray their brand through text, graphics and videos. The most common social media platforms used to advertise on include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

There are numerous benefits that marketing can bring through the use of social media. A huge benefit for all businesses is  brand awareness, which allows your brand to be seen by people that may not necessarily be in your target audience. This is a good way to acquire new customers and get your company’s brand name out there. 

The next benefit of social media marketing is directing more traffic to your company’s website. If you post something on social media linking your company’s website, you can increase traffic while encouraging people to dive deeper into the sales funnel.  One great way to do this is by creating a blog on your website that includes helpful information, company news and events, current industry topics and so much more.

Social media marketing can also improve communication with key target audiences. Things like product reviews and comment sections can give your customers a chance to express their opinions. By doing this, you have a direct connection with your consumers or clients, which can lead to stronger brand loyalty and customer relationships.

Lastly, you can see what social media platforms your competitors are using and find ways to better improve your social media game to beat your competitors! Through tools like Facebook Insights, you can keep track of your competitors’ social media marketing and learn from their successes or mistakes.

While all of the above examples are beneficial, what really brings aid to your  business is the ability to track social media data. This can show who is visiting your website, what you can improve on, and what strategies aren’t going so well. When you have the right kind of data, creating A/B tests for social media ads and posts becomes much easier and more valuable.

Social media is continuing to grow, and new platforms are taking over everyday. It is important to keep up with big trends so you can find new ways to reach audiences that otherwise may have gone unreached.