Although remote work has been around for years, the pandemic has popularized the option. More and more companies – especially advertising agencies – have adopted remote working as a temporary solution to keep business moving forward during the pandemic. But as we inch closer towards a vaccine, we have to wonder: Is remote working here to stay?

For RobMark, remote working is very feasible – most of our employees simply need a computer, a phone and WiFi signal to complete their tasks. This is also true for many other industries, like tech, sales and even healthcare. But there is also the team approach in our business that needs personal interaction. While it is possible to brainstorm on via video chats like Zoom, it’s just not as fun! The energy and collaboration created in a Zoom session may not be as impactful or generate the creativity that interpersonal interaction does. When people are having fun at work, morale is boosted, and productivity is increased. It’s a win/win for both employees and their bosses.

The option for remote working also depends on the type of business. If you are in retail, brick & mortar, or the service industry, remote working becomes almost impossible. Restaurants have adjusted with new features like online ordering and curbside pickup, but we suspect those changes are here to stay – the pandemic simply encouraged traditional businesses to better utilize technology.

Most of all, people want and need personal interaction, and a workplace environment can supply that. Who wants to stay home ALL the time? Many of us are already feeling the effects of phenomenons like Zoom fatigue, and we’re not even a full year into the pandemic.

There are pros and cons to working remotely and going to an office. So while the future includes remote working, we suspect that it will be a hybrid approach. That way, some days we can meet and collaborate in person, and other days we can run a load of laundry while sitting on a Zoom call.