An exciting new business is making its way to Hilton Head Island! Lowcountry Speaker Series is connecting Lowcountry residents to globally-recognized journalists, politicians, military heroes, entertainers, and more to promote new thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Its inaugural season is kicking off in January 2020 and will include one presentation per month through April 2020. The speakers for the inaugural event are Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Paul Nicklen, and Robert O’Neill. To fully make a name for itself while showcasing its inspiring mission and coveted lineup, Lowcountry Speaker Series turned to RobMark to help with its website and marketing needs.

Our team worked closely with the founder of the Lowcountry Speaker Series to design and program a website that fully aligned with the goals of the new business. On the homepage, we highlighted the 2020 season lineup with the speakers’ headshots and incorporated fresh green colors to complement the organization’s logo and to keep the website bright and inviting. The website’s navigation allows users to easily find information about the company as well as full bios for each of the speakers. Through an embedded Eventbrite feature on the Tickets page, users can select their seats and purchase their tickets seamlessly, without ever leaving the Lowcountry Speaker Series website. Additional calls to action to sign up for updates, suggest future speakers, and become a sponsor allow website visitors to further connect with the organization.

To buy tickets for the Lowcountry Speaker Series, learn more about its sought-after speakers, or to check out the brand-new website, visit!