The Interwebs have been abuzz this week about Mad Men, and we are here to tell you exactly why. First and foremost, Sunday’s episode was the series finale of the popular show about the advertising business in the 1960s.  After seven seasons—92 episodes to be exact—the award-winning period-drama had come to an end, and that is a big deal. The finale drew 3.3 million viewers—1.7 million viewers in the show’s target demographic of 25 to 54 years olds, which is a series record and also the second reason for so much online chatter. 

The finale was full of surprises, like most finales are, but one of the biggest surprises was the use of a very real and very famous advertisement—Coca-Cola’s 1971 television commercial “Hilltop.” The agency behind the spot was McCann, which also happens to be the agency Don Draper works for in the show. It was a great move for Coca-Cola and McCann to let Mad Men use the spot because the final episode achieved some big numbers for both companies on Twitter because of it. There were 2,925 tweets about McCann, 21,204 tweets about Coca-Cola and approximately 101,600 about Mad Men on the day of the finale. 
Mad Men might not have had the highest viewership rate, but it has been critically acclaimed since day one, back in 2007, and they have dozens of awards to prove it. Many, including us, will miss the show, and if we become hard to reach over the next few days, you can assume we are watching all seven seasons again on Netflix. Farewell Mad Men.