The latest Neilsen study called the Digital Consumer Report has some pretty interesting findings for digital marketers in terms of mobile devices and consumer behavior online. As was predicted a few years ago, users are now spending more time per month online via smartphone apps rather than on a PC. The average user now spends 34 hours, 17 minutes a month browning the Internet via a smartphone compared to 27 hours, 3 minutes browsing on a computer.

Mobile devices have also affected how consumers watch TV, as Americans can now consume content across multiple devices. Less time is being spent watching live television on an actual TV and more time is being spent watching "time shifted TV" that is streamed online via phones, tablets and computers. This data reflects the trends that we have seen in our own clients’ monthly analytics. For many of them, visits from mobile devices are outnumbering visits from desktops.

These findings reinforce the extreme importance of having a responsive websites that can adapt to any device. You can download the full report by visiting And if your business is in need of a responsive website, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your digital needs.