As a Savannah web design agency, we see beautiful photography on the Internet all the time, especially on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook. Image bookmarking is nothing new to the world of web, but being able to find and purchase these items can often be a difficult task. Facebook is now taking visual bookmarking beyond its leisurely origin by offering their users a way to actually purchase the products showcased within the photographs through a social bookmarking tool titled Facebook Collections.

Here’s how it works: a retail company creates and posts a Facebook Collection for their followers to see. Within the collection is a series of photographs showcasing specific products available for purchase online. When users see the photos, they are able to read a brief description, find out where they can buy the product and then share the products with their friends through a “want” button feature.

Facebook Collections have the potential to harness the power of social image bookmarking and connect them with an e-commerce counterpart. Users will now not only be able to share images that they like with friends but will be able to actually purchase these items instantly or add them to a wish list for later reference.

Here at Robmark Interactive, specialists in Savannah web design, we see the endless possibilities in the new Facebook Collections and encourage our clients to use this technology to their advantage! As Facebook releases Facebook Collections to all of its users, we can help you create a Collection in your next web design project right here in Savannah!