“Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” This question may seem cliché, but it can be so inspiring at the same time. Nissan has embraced the inspirational qualities of this question by asking visitors to its new website, nissaninnovationgarage.com, this exact question. After users supply their answer, Nissan takes them through a surreal video that is personalized for each user. The website connects with the user’s Facebook then enters their name and profile images into a film that showcases their success as the world’s greatest innovator. After the video is done playing, users are prompted to share their video with friends and view other ideas posted on the Nissan Innovation Garage website. Savannah website design company, Robmark Interactive, suggests trying it for yourself and see how your next big idea can influence the world at nissaninnovationgarage.com. Because each user’s experience is unique, the website becomes more memorable to the user, thus creating a connection between the visitor and the brand. This kind of personalized, innovative experience online creates a fun and inviting environment for your users. Savannah website design company, Robmark Interactive, can provide a similar experience for your users if you ever find yourself asking the question “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?”