If you’ve been listening to the latest buzz about web design trends, you know that Responsive Web Design is at the forefront of the conversation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Responsive Web Design, we at Robmark Interactive, web design Georgia specialists, have decided to give you an introductory lesson on the topic.

For quite a while, designers and developers alike have been plagued with the creating websites that look good on multiple screen resolutions. As technology has progressed, screen resolutions have grown to such a wide spectrum. A practical solution was long overdue: that’s where Responsive Web Design came in.

Responsive websites ensure that the design will look the same on every device, no matter the resolution. This means that the website will be accessible, user-friendly and functional on a desktop computer, a mobile phone, an HD television, a tablet and everything in between. All without having a dedicated mobile website.

How is this achieved you might ask? Well, think of a typical desktop website as a static block of content. When you try to shrink or expand the browser window, the website does not “respond” to the changing environment. Responsive websites, however, react to the environment by utilizing a fluid grid layout that expands and contracts depending on the screen resolution. If you are visiting a responsive website, and you slowly shrink the browser window manually, you will notice a change in layout that ensures all content can be easily seen at all times. This guarantees that users are always able to read the copy on the page, view the images, click the buttons, etc. without having to zoom in, zoom out, or visit a dedicated mobile site.

Responsive websites offer the best solution for everyone: the user, the client and the web design and development team. Responsive websites offer superior user experience, peace-of-mind for the client and increased capabilities for the web development and design team.

If you are interested in Responsive Web Design and want to implement this on your next web design Georgia project, feel free to contact Robmark Interactive and we’ll help you get started!