Robmark Interactive is excited to announce the launch of the brand new mobile website! This fully responsive site is compatible with all mobile devices and was expanded greatly to accommodate all of the information and features our client wanted.

First, RMI redesigned the hotel pages to include a booking engine so that users can book their stay right from their mobile device. The new hotel pages also feature a fully responsive photo gallery. We also redesigned the event calendar and expanded the Savannah Happenings pages to include a full list of attractions, dining and nightlife businesses including descriptions and contact information. Because there are close to 50 business listings on each page, RMI created a custom code to only show a highlighted list for each category so that users aren’t overwhelmed by an overly long list.

The expanded site also includes full "Meetings & Groups" and "Weddings & Events" sections, which allows users to find more information about meeting planning, wedding planning and more. Social sharing features were also added to every page so that users can share website pages with friends via social networks. RMI also optimized the social sharing features so that friends who click on a shared link from the Stay in Savannah mobile site will be taken to the same page on the desktop site if they are on a desktop computer. This ensures compatibility across all platforms. The new site also links to the fully responsive Stay in Savannah blog and includes a blog feed on the homepage.

Finally, RMI properly optimized each page on the site so that all content is accessible to search engines. This specific improvement will ensure a greater amount of organic traffic to the mobile website, giving the best possible results to our client. Congratulations to the entire web team on a job well done! Grab your mobile device and go to to view the site yourself!