Happy Friday everyone! It’s no secret that PR professionals are definitely a unique breed with many similar characteristics. Fleishman-Hillard employee Lauren A. Fernandez shares  a very entertaining list of 11 Signs You’re a PR Professional on her blog today. Not only do we agree with all of them; we decided to add a few of our own. They are:

1. You’ve received work unrelated to you because, "I don’t know whose job it is. Just send it to PR."

2. Your friends/family don’t recognize your client voice when they call you at the office.

3. When people find out your job, their number one question is, “So what really is PR?”

4. Google Alerts are your best friend.

5. You can spot a typo from a mile away.

6. You smile quietly to yourself when a “party planner” says they’re in public relations.

What would you add?