A Google Business profile is often the first impression businesses give to potential customers and clients. When searching for services, the Google Business Profile is a profile box on the right-hand side of the screen on a desktop, or at the top of a mobile screen. If managed, it can provide the public with basic yet important information about your business. Additionally, a Google Business Profile can even provide unique details like busy times, holiday hours, and Q&As.

However, if your Google Business Profile has not been claimed, it is left incomplete and leaves potential customers and clients with little encouragement to look into your products or services. Or worse, someone else could falsely try to claim your business, causing you to lose control of the information posted.

A huge advantage of managing your company’s Google Business Profile is the added search visibility in Google. When searching for businesses near them, the public can see a certain number of businesses matching their search with a Google Business Profile. If businesses do not have a Google Business Profile, their location is not pinned.

Another great advantage is the wide range of information that users can access in a single view, including your phone number, address, ratings, website, link, photos, and more for free! Google Business Profiles give an in-depth summary of your business to help people quickly learn relevant information they may be looking for, along with the ability to engage further by clicking to call, leave a review, scroll through photos, or visit your website. Business owners can personalize and continuously update information to ensure users are getting accurate information.

Don’t miss out on a free opportunity for your business to be seen! Making it easy for users to access crucial information about your business can result in more leads and increased conversions. If you need help claiming and building your business’s Google Business Profile, give our team at RobMark a call! We can help boost your business’s visibility through Web Design, SEO, and Google Ads.