Remember the days when “you’ve got mail” was heard in offices across the nation? Or when picking your “top friends” on Myspace was a hobby? As new technologies are developed daily, others are falling by the wayside to make room. This link from gives you an unbelievably cool visual depiction of the rise and fall of these online empires like AOL, Myspace, Alta Vista, and even Facebook, complete with a full timeline of major milestones and eventual downfalls for some. Interestingly, the average lifespan of a major online company before hitting rock bottom is about 11 years. In the case of Facebook, financial scholars, IT administrators and marketers alike have all asked the same question from the time the social media giant was founded in 2004 until now: how long will this last? Eight years later, Facebook is still going strong, so strong that it just recently filed with the SEC for IPO with an estimated worth of up to $100 billion. However, what will the company look like three years from now in its 11th year? Check out the graph for yourself and let us know what you think.