Golf tournament season is right around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate than with the launch of a new website for The Truck! “The Truck” is the operations staff that handles the scoring of all tournaments on the Korn Ferry Tour. Traveling to each tournament, The Truck serves as a hospitable home away from home for each tournament’s players and caddies, tournament partners, and more. The Truck is also involved in multiple fundraising efforts throughout the year, including its current fundraising for the 2020 Boston Marathon as a PGA Tour Charities representative.

Without an online presence beyond its social media channels, The Truck staff was interested in developing a website to better explain what the organization is, to show off the personality and culture of the team, and to allow people an easy way to donate to its partner charities. After discussing the organization’s goals, our team went to work to create a website from scratch. Highlights of the website homepage include a live countdown clock that counts down to upcoming events that The Truck is involved in, a photo gallery, and a live social feed. We also created a separate page to explain The Truck’s charitable endeavors and invite users to donate.

With The Truck’s brand-new website, the organization now has an online resource where users can learn more about its operations and donate to its partner charities. To check out The Truck’s website, visit