R&M would like to give a shout-out to Visit Savannah’s stellar marketing team for winning the Georgia Holiday Smackdown statewide contest after designing an innovative and creative tourism marketing campaign for the upcoming holiday season. Melissa Yao, Erica Backus, Joe Marinelli and crew wowed more than 250 Georgia tourism representatives in Macon on Monday with their creative social media campaign that employs “Izo – Georgia’s Exploring Snowman,” an online holiday character who will be used to promote Georgia’s tourism products during the holiday season. As if “Izo” wasn’t enough, attendees were also treated to a Savannah favorite, Leopold’s Ice Cream, which captured audiences with their appropriate signature flavor, Frozen Hot Cocoa. All in all, the Visit Savannah team continues to rock the tourism and social media world. For their superb effort, they will receive $15,000 in Georgia Grant Advertising credits to use to promote Savannah during the holiday season. Congratulations on a job well done!