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Elan Technology is one of the top glass and ceramic manufacturers in the United States who provide advanced industrial ceramics and technical glass materials to the industry. Elan Technology was looking to increase search volume for its products and to expand into international markets.


With the challenge of taking over existing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, targeting a more business-to-business demographic, and increasing Elan Technology’s online search visibility, our strategy was to update their current website to make it responsive and add multiple languages, such as German, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean, to fit the needs of their international clients.


Prior to December 2013, before RobMark’s SEO efforts began, the Elan Technology website averaged 980 sessions per month, with 700 sessions from organic traffic (search engines). The website now averages more than double that number of monthly sessions, with the majority being attributed to organic search. In just three years, Elan Technology saw a 75 percent increase in traffic in a particularly difficult industrial field, with a huge percent increase in organic traffic, and continues to grow over time.


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