Search engine optimization is a never-ending, always-changing process that we, as a Savannah, Georgia based website development company, are constantly perfecting. That means reading, researching and evaluating the latest Internet trends and best practices. And in keeping with the holiday spirit, we would like to toss in our agreement with this great blog’s SEO holiday wish list and hit a couple of the highlights.

  1. A universal way to measure return on investment from SEO performance. How do you take an overall SEO plan, including search engine rankings, relevant keywords, impressions, link building, social media, etc. and put a price on it? Public relations professionals face a similar problem. In an economy where companies want to know how their money is being spent down to the dime, a universal measurement metric would greatly help to validate SEO efforts.
  2. Google’s old keyword inventory. Up until a couple of months ago, SEO’s used Google’s Keyword Tool to see exactly what search engine users are typing in the search bar for a specific topic, Google recently announced that this keyword inventory is now being filtered to include only keywords that Google considers to be “commercial”. It appears initially as though this is a move to encourage more people to use their pay-per-click services versus organic SEO. Not cool, Google. Thankfully, we know of some other great sites you can use instead.

You’ll note that among other things, this SEO blogger wishes for “a social media rockstar.” Now that it’s well known what a great social media plan can do for your SEO, it’s imperative to find the right person to create a proper strategy and execute it to its fullest potential. Simply creating a Facebook fan page isn’t cutting it.

That’s where we come in! If you’d like our expertise on all things SEO and social media from a highly experienced web development company, give us a call. We would love to take your Internet presence to new heights.