At R&M, we usually try to stay away from politics and subjects that are generally polarizing. This week, however, a certain politician’s daughters made for a pretty good industry-related lesson we should all consider: responsibility while using social media. If you’re wondering what we mean, let us explain. Like many girls her age, Willow Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, recently got a Facebook account. After noticing that a schoolmate had attacked her mother’s new reality show, Willow defended her mother by directing gay slurs, among other colorful language, towards the classmate. Bristol Palin also chimed in with some words of her own. We don’t need to tell you exactly what was said, but there was obviously A LOT of backlash from this. The lesson here, kids, is that what you post on the Internet isn’t private. And it’s unfortunately permanent. Even if you remove your comments, chances are they were still seen and remembered. The moral of this story: THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE!