It seems Wendy’s is giving new meaning to its famous 1984 commercial advertising slogan “Where’s the Beef”. Unchanged for 42-years, Wendy’s signature hamburger, the Classic Single, began seeing some heavy competition from the likes of Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Checkers, Five Guys, Hardee’s, In-N-Out and McDonald’s. Consequently, the company decided to switch it up and offer a new line of options called Dave’s Hot ’N Juicy Cheeseburgers aptly named after founder, Dave Thomas. The new products required an especially attention-grabbing advertising campaign, and Wendy’s did not disappoint. The revived commercial, which began airing on Sunday, includes snippets from the original starring Clara Peller who so memorably belted out “where’s the beef” 27 years ago. Wendy’s menu revamp began last year with the introduction of its Natural Cut Fries with Sea Salt. Ultimately, though, Wendy’s wants to be known as having the best burgers in the fast food business, and it’s confident that this new line with buttered, toasted buns and thicker, juicier beef patties will answer the question Clara posed. We applaud Wendy’s for taking an extreme risk in today’s shaky economy and not only giving a facelift to a classic product, but a classic commercial as well.