This two-and-a-half minute branded film, even without words, speaks more about adventure and finding what makes you happy than it does about motorcycles. Traditionally, motorcycle commercials are heavily focused on bikes, depict riders in the stereotypical biker gang image, or feature good looking, scantily-clad women. This Harley-Davidson commercial has none of the above. In fact, the only glimpse of a motorcycle comes in at minute 2:07 as the protagonist in the story drives off, and subtle branding doesn’t appear until the last three seconds of the video. This approach allows viewers to focus on the odyssey and fully appreciate what the brand means to the protagonist. 

Some people may think this is a risky way to sell motorcycles, but to the director, Andreas Bruns, it was more important to share a story. He himself experienced what the protagonist is going through and the idea for the film sprang from his own quest to find the meaning of life. The film, titled “Inner Child,” won this year’s Cannes Lions Young Director Award for Best Web Film on behalf of director Andreas Bruns.

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