Today, we are taking you behind the scenes of the upcoming Benedictine Military School advertising campaign, “I am one of the 400.” If you’ve ever wondered how a radio spot goes from planning to on the air, here you go. After developing the concept and writing the copy, Benedictine found four students to be the faces of the new campaign.  Last week, they went in the studio and recorded their lines for the radio spots. They were naturals and had a lot of fun! Shout out to Benedictine students Derrick Smith, Sean Spellman, Joshua Bruce and Conrad Ezequiel A. Tebyanian-Haro for helping make this campaign come to life. Listen out for the spots on the radio starting in mid September.

From left to right: Conrad, Sean, Derrick and Joshua

Ted helping the boys with their lines.

Ted and Phil making sure everything sounds perfect.

Joshua in the studio.