Oreo has launched an interactive campaign in the spirit of Halloween. Staged in a Tim Burton-esque lab, mad scientists at Oreo are creating “nomsters”—cute, little, delicious-looking monsters —which they are encouraging fans to name. A few suggestions for the first nomster’s name included Dunkfluffula, Count Candy Corneo, Vamporeo and Capn Fluffy Butt. The winning name, however, was Count Puffula.

The company is releasing a video a day, the whole week leading up to Halloween. Each video is bite-sized—like the delicious cookie itself— at approximately 11 seconds long. These short videos are perfect for Facebook and Instagram, where the brand is encouraging fans to participate with the hashtag #OreoLab. 

Last year, Oreo used Vine for their branded Halloween content. The cookie company played off famous scenes from popular horror movies like “Carrie” and “The Shining” and ran an interactive campaign with the hashtag #OreoHorrorStories. 

Be sure to visit Oreo’s Facebook, Twitter or Intsagram accounts to see all of the videos as they are posted and to contribute a name to a future nomster!