Happy Friday folks! To end the week right, we thought we’d share probably the coolest bit of advertising news we’ve read in a while.

Advertising as we know it usually appeals to two senses: sight and hearing. Sure, there are the occasional print ads with cool textures you can touch, but for the most part, you’re either seeing an ad, hearing it or a combination of the two. However, of the five senses, the sense of smell is the one most closely tied to memory.  Well, it seems that one company has taken advantage of this in their advertising. Bloom grocery chain, part of the North Carolina-based Food Lion grocery chain, has just constructed a billboard to promote their new line of beef that smells….yes, smells…like black pepper and charcoal when you drive by. Using a high-powered fan that blows air over cartridges filled with fragrance oil, the billboard emits these scents at certain times during the day. As you can see below, the billboard’s not too bad to look at, either. You can read more about this unprecedented move here. Could we be getting a glimpse into the future of advertising?