The most recent campaign for Cape Cod Potato Chips mastered the technique of humble-bragging. “What is humble-bragging?” you may ask. Well, it is a way of telling everyone how amazing you are without being a you-know-what. 

Cape Cod Potato Chips has managed to keep a hometown feel, despite being part of snack-giant Snyder’s-Lance, Inc., by being manufactured in small batches in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The company modestly admits it is “the biggest tourist attraction on the Cape when it rains.”
Channeling Ron Burgundy, the theme of this West Coast campaign is “Back home, we’re a pretty big deal.” This tongue-in-cheek humor is plastered on banner ads, radio spots, and social media. The social aspect includes an interactive video in which a townie toots a giant horn for Cape Cod because the brand is too modest to toot its own, as well as other videos of locals touting their love for the delicious chips. If a fan of the brand tweets a compliment about Cape Cod, the Cape Cod “townies” will sound a giant horn on a branded landing page.
The brand’s Director of Marketing Alvaro Trinidad hit the nail on the head when describing the key factor of what makes this type of campaign work, stating “we have a relatable, believable story to tell about our authenticity.” You know the chips are delicious, we know the chips are delicious; it’s not bragging. It’s just the truth.