We have to give a shout-out to the City of Savannah for its fun, interactive contest on the location-based social media website and app, Foursquare! Last week, they launched the Citizen Mayor Foursquare contest to encourage people to use the downtown parking garages. Anyone who achieved Mayor status by checking in to any one of the city’s five garages in the month of December received $25 in parking services. They then discovered that one of their own employees, the Director of Mobility and Parking, has checked in to the garages so much that it would be too difficult to unseat him as mayor, so they tweaked the rules to give everyone a fair chance. The new rules are:

“Instead of claiming the Foursquare ‘Mayor’ title of a garage to win a $25 Parking Smart Card, you will be automatically entered into a weekly drawing during December just by checking in to any of their five garages any Thursday or Friday this month.

How it works:
1. Citizens use Foursquare to check-in to any City of Savannah parking garage by noon every Thursday or Friday from now until Dec. 30. Participants should stay checked in to that garage until noon.
2. Each Thursday and Friday, the Public Information Office will gather the usernames of all folks currently checked in to City garages.
3. PIO will randomly pick one winner from the pool of names.
4. Winners will be announced on the City’s Facebook page, facebook.com/cityofsavannah, and notified via Twitter.”

We are very proud to live in a city that embraces social media like Savannah does. If you’re downtown this month, consider parking in a garage and taking advantage of this contest. You never know what you might win. Read the full article here!