Creating a positive company culture is more than internally beneficial. Though it certainly helps companies boost employee morale and increase retention, sharing company culture can help businesses build better relationships with their audience. The more personal a company is, the easier it is for people to connect with a brand, and often, this type of relatable, authentic content is easy to procure and share across multiple channels. 

Adding personality to your brand can be as simple as featuring employees, explaining company values, promoting awards or certifications, or sharing news features. These actions, along with dozens of other possible touchpoints, can show an audience who is behind the brand, making the company more personal and trustworthy. 

Here are a few examples of how to share company culture in a way that can resonate with your audience:

Employee Features

Let your audience know who is on your team and who they may be working with! You can share employee bios that describe their educational background and experience, fun facts, specialty areas, or interesting details about their role in the company. Work anniversaries and new employees are also great content to share with your audience. You’ll ideally want to pair this information with their photo, so make sure to grab an updated headshot.

Company Values

People often align with brands that share the same or similar values. Sharing your company’s mission statement or values can be done by partnering with organizations that align with those values, participating in volunteer opportunities, filming an employee discussing the company’s vision, or simply sharing the company’s mission statement.

Promoting Awards and Certifications

Has an employee or your company recently been presented with an award or earned a new certification? Share it! Brag on your team and build credibility by sharing these accomplishments. In many cases, presenters have prepared seals or icons representing the award that can be shared digitally. If not, you can take a photo of an employee with the award or share their headshot with a description.

Share News Features

If your company or team members have been featured in insightful news articles, make sure to share it! This can include interviews, work, or other accomplishments/community involvement. You can also keep an eye out for clients in the news, so that you can spotlight them, too, as the opportunity presents itself. 

Don’t be shy—share who you are as a team with your audience. All of the examples above highlight a different aspect of a company’s culture and can be shared across various channels including your company’s social media, website, email marketing, newsletters, and beyond. Supplementing internal promotion of company culture with external promotion can positively affect both your team and audience, not to mention future recruitment efforts. 


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