If you have ever used the Internet, there is a good chance you have seen at least one meme or viral video.  Well, Delta has done the unthinkable and has managed to cram every Internet sensation into one video—their safety video. 

Delta is after their own Internet fame by claiming to have made the “Internetest in-flight safety video on the Internet.” The 6-minute long safety video features several Internet sensations, such as “Piano Cat,” “Double Rainbow Guy,” “Screaming Goat” and even the original Delta viral video star, Deltalina. This sensational video has already received 1.8 million views in just two days and is slowly becoming an Internet sensation in its own right. At the end of the video, you have an option to watch eight other short renditions of the video that feature several other Internet celebrities, including “I love turtles kid,” “Epic Meal Time” and the “BlendTec guy. “ The eight other versions have received a combined total of 234,081 views.  
We aren’t sure exactly what the motive was behind creating this online safety video, but we can say it is thoroughly entertaining and is probably assisting in increased brand likeability for Delta.