Just as parents are sending their children off to college again or to their first out-of-town jobs, Delta launches an advertising campaign reminding young adults that even after they settle into their new lives in a new city, they can, and should, go home again. With more than 60 percent of Seattle residents not being native Seattleites, this campaign gives moms the chance to connect with their children living in Seattle and persuade them to visit home with Delta through personalized advertising.

Wieden + Kennedy New York created the “SEA to Mom” campaign to highlight Delta being Seattle’s fastest growing carrier, connecting people to 54 destinations across the nation. Each ad features an old family photo of a mom and her child along with a handwritten note with messages such as, “Stu, I’ll always be here for you. Waiting. In Denver. For you to visit. Love, Mom.” These ads have been adapted to billboards, posters, and more across the city.

The campaign also went live to the streets of Seattle, with a handful of in-person stunts. Young adults who moved to Seattle and had not been home in a while were targeted at their jobs or in public with a mob of women who dressed identical and resembled each resident’s mother. After the residents began to catch on, they were handed a phone to talk to their real mom. The fake moms then presented each resident with a Delta ticket to visit home.

Sometimes life gets busy, and people may not call or visit home as much as they should, so this campaign is a touching reminder to make time for the people and places you love. Is this Delta campaign a bit of a guilt trip? Maybe, but in the most fun and heartwarming way.

To see some examples of the ads and to watch a stunt video, click here.