Our Detroit native, Megan, showed us this advertising campaign from the Detroit Zoo, and we just had to share it! Just a few years after the beloved zoo was almost shut down, business is now flourishing, and at least some of it can be attributed to the creative and heartwarming ad campaigns that have touched the hearts of Detroit natives and tourists alike. The most recent campaign features children who have a "vitamin z" deficiency that can only be remedied with a trip to the zoo. In one 30-second television commercial, a mother finds her young son mimicking an anteater by sucking up hors d’oeuvres through a vacuum hose. Another shows a girl attempting to feed leaves to a very tall man, while a third has a boy cutting his sister’s hair into the shape of a lion’s mane. The online commercials are featured on Pandora as well as the zoo’s Facebook page and have received a great response. Check out the cuteness here!