A few months ago we highlighted the Domino’s “Pizza Turnaround” campaign. Domino’s actually listened to its critics about the taste of its pizza, made necessary changes, and re-introduced the new product at a low price for its customers to re-evaluate while at the same time re-positioning its brand as a brand that actually listens to its customers’ feedback. The campaign was extremely successful; Domino’s doubled its 4th quarter profit alone. However, one of the very few critiques by the advertising industry was that the campaign had no staying power. The thought was, "Sure, the immediate results were effective, but how could the campaign continue to be effective after the initial buzz?”

Domino’s has answered that question, for the time being, with the launch of a follow-up campaign that began airing on April 5th. The campaign is called “Pizza Holdouts” and aims to seek out the “handful” of people who still haven’t tried their newly improved pizza. Similar to the original campaign, Domino’s surprises unsuspecting customers who have said not-so-pleasant things about their product in the past in hopes to convince these skeptics to try the pizza and change their opinions. In this campaign, however, Domino’s surprises three unsuspecting guys who have yet to try their pizza by plastering signs and billboards all over their hometowns asking them to try it. The creepy factor is extremely hilarious to watch as all three of them are completely caught off guard. Check the campaign out for yourself. All in all, Domino’s does a great job of giving the campaign “legs”, as we call it in the biz, and keeps the buzz going strong.