One of the newer Super Bowl advertising developments in recent years has been brands debuting their commercials before the actual game. In Monday’s blog, we showed you several brands that had already released their commercials, while others have released short teasers in hopes to pique your interest and keep you hooked on Game Day. And then there’s Doritos. Their ads have continually been at the top of the "Favorite Super Bowl Ads" lists for a few years now. And that’s not because of some ad executive with a fancy office in a skyscraper. Doritos’ "Crash the Super Bowl" contest has given any Joe Schmo or aspiring filmmaker the opportunity to flex their advertising skills and submit their own Super Bowl spots for consideration. And even better, the fans get to vote for their favorites, which are narrowed down to the top five. In addition to having their spot air during the Super Bowl, the winner will also stand a chance to win a big paycheck and work with renowned director Michael Bay on his next film. It’s a win-win for everyone. This year’s five finalists have already been posted for you to view if you’re so inclined. Good luck to the finalists, and may the best ad win!