Yesterday Facebook made the exciting announcement that they will be partnering with Skype to provide users with the ability to make phone calls and conduct video conversations directly through their Facebook pages. This is significant for a few reasons. First, it simplifies communication by taking out the extra steps of downloading Skype software, setting up an account, logging in and adding your Skype contacts to your phonebook and gives you this access straight from your Facebook account. Second, it reinforces the idea that Facebook is the central hub of all person-to-person communication. This announcement also serves to deepen Facebook’s already-strong relationship with Microsoft, who owns a part of Skype, and heighten the competition between them heated rival, Google. Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed yesterday what many had already estimated: Facebook has now reached over 750 million users worldwide, an increase from the last calculated figure of 500 million. Expect that number to continue increasing with more announcements like this one.