Facebook’s man-in-charge, Mark Zuckerberg, made an important announcement today regarding its new internal search system called Graph Search. With this new feature, specific user search results are completely customized based on your unique "social graph". This new and limited product includes four areas: people, photos, places and interests. How is this useful?The new tool allows you to search such queries as which of your Facebook friends live in a certain geographic location, like a certain TV show and have recommended a local business. In addition, Facebook will list these friends based on the ones you have the most interaction with. Even better, your search queries can be as specific as "restaurants in London my friends have been to". Facebook has made it clear that this is a feature that you cannot find with a normal search engine, and it’s certain that marketers will absolutely take advantage of the customized targeting that this provides. Graph search starts today in beta, and will appear as a large blue search bar at the top of your Facebook page. Check out the official web page here.