Imagine walking into a convenience store to buy your favorite beverage and the clerk won’t sell it to you. That is exactly what Gatorade is doing in their new commercials.  In the hidden-camera-style videos, Rob Belushi  (Jim Belushi’s son) plays a store clerk who repeatedly denies customers Gatorade because they are not sweating and explains to them that they have to “burn some to earn some” and “sweat it to get it,” which is the campaign tagline.  Peyton Manning and Cam Newton make cameos as the store manager and a fellow customer. 

The new advertising campaign came from TBWAChiatDay and was directed by Jody Hill of Eastbound & Down fame, who also directed the new Dodge Dart campaign out of Wieden + Kennedy, featuring Jake Johnson of New Girl and Craig Robinson of The Office. 
The new “Sweat It To Get It” signage will start appearing in over half of the Gatorade convenience store locations throughout the NFL preseason and regular season. In all likelihood, no one who’s dry to the touch will actually be turned away the way they were in the commercials. Keep your eyes open this fall for this new campaign.