Yesterday, Twitter celebrated its 5th birthday. It’s hard to believe that the microblogging platform that was predicted to always play second fiddle to Facebook now has more than 200 million users and has completely changed the way we communicate, receive and share up-to-the-minute news, handle crises and natural disasters and generally “keep up” with people and subjects that are most interesting to us. Even when you simply think about how often it’s referenced in everyday pop culture, it’s difficult to imagine modern-day life without it. In an attempt to fully explain Twitter’s impact, this CNN article breaks down the “5 Ways Twitter Changed How We Communicate” and PCWorld recalls five major Twitter milestones since its inception. Both are great reads. And to celebrate the special occasion the best way possible, Twitter has released a video on its YouTube channel entitled “Follow Your Interests. Discover Your World. Twitter.” The video celebrates some of Twitter’s most interesting users, such as Richard Branson, Piers Morgan, Snoop Dogg and Hillary Clinton. You can watch it below. Happy Birthday Twitter!